Fencing is often called Physical Chess.  The mind controls the hand/arm and legs to determine what the opponent likes to do, making feints and other exploratory actions to judge the responses, seeking to find a weakness to exploit or a favorite move to take advantage of - all while the opponent does the same.  

Fencers use Advances and Retreats to develop the distance they want, than a swift Lunge to score the touch. The defender can Retreat, Counter Attack against the Lunge, or Parry (block) the attack and then Riposte, making his own attack back.  If the initial attack misses, a second attack (Remise to the same target, Reprise to a new target) can be made if the defender does not Riposte.

A Lunge can be Long or Short or in between, Jumps and other foot moves can be added in, or a Fleche can be added to a Lunge that was just short of the target, adding a short jump and run to the end of the strip to finish the score.  

Attacks can be made in the Highline (above the opponents bellguard), or the Lowline (below), Inside the weapon arm, and Outside the weapon arm. Attacks can be real, or they can be a Feint, intended to draw a reaction from the opponent that the attacker will then turn to his advantage; for example, an attack to the top of the hand which draws a highline parry, while the attacker's blade is then dropped for a touch to the thigh or foot.

Parrys are made to block your opponent's attack - High Inside (Parry 4), High Outside (Parry 6), Low Inside (Parry 7), Low Outside (Parry 8), High Inside (or Prime, with your tip below the bellguard), or Yielding to draw your opponent's tip past you; after the parry you then Riposte for your own score. The combinations are limitless.

The Bellguard is the Secret Weapon of Epee.  Catch the end of your opponent's blade against your bellguard, and you control his movements. You gain leverage. He's 3 feet away, and can push as hard as he wants but Your Bellguard helps protects you and lets you move his tip wherever you want.

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